Choosing Cat Furniture

Does your feline friend have some things of her own that she doesn’t have to share? If so, that’s great! Kitties really benefit from having some things that are made just for them. But what type of pieces should you get your furball? A local Minnetonka, MN vet discusses getting cat furniture in this article.

Multiple Cats

If you have more than one cat, you’ll want to choose pieces that can fit all of your feline buddies at once. A multi-level cat tower is a great option for this. (Note: when your kitties are all on the cat tower, the one on the top level is likely the boss cat.)

Timid Cats

Do you have a scaredy cat on your hands? Being in a small, enclosed area often makes kitties feel secure and protected. Your bashful pet will likely enjoy something with a closed-in space, like a pet tent or condo.


Kittens are almost impossibly cute. They’re also little bundles of mischief in furry packages! Little Fluffy will want to master the use of those sharp claws and teeth, and she’ll also want to work on her pouncing skills. Get your tiny ball of energy a fun activity center. Cat towers are also a great option: your pet will be able to use hers as a scratching post, a lookout point, and a jungle gym.

Senior Kitties

Older cats sometimes have a hard time climbing and jumping. If your furball is in her golden years, you’ll want to choose something that is low to the ground.

Cats That Like To Climb

Does your kitty like high places? Are you constantly plucking your pet off your bookcases and dressers? If so, Fluffy may like some wall-mounted furniture. This is a great option for a catio!

All Cats

If there’s one thing all of our feline pals share, it’s a love of napping. Beds are a great gift for any cat! As far as Fluffy is concerned, there’s no such thing as too many napping spots, so give your sleepy pet a few different beds to choose from.

DIY Options

Don’t have a lot of money for pet furniture? Go the DIY route! You’ll find some great options online.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, your local Minnetonka, MN animal clinic, with any questions or concerns about your cat’s health or care. We are here to help!

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