How to Teach Your Dog to Put His Toys Away

Is Fido’s toybox overflowing? Is your floor often covered with doggy toys? Why not teach your furry pal to put his playthings away? Read on as a Minnetonka, MN vet tells you how to teach your four-legged friend to put his toys back in place.


While teaching Fido to pick up after himself can be very useful, it’s more important for him to know and understand basic doggy obedience commands, like Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down. Before showing your pooch fun or helpful tricks, make sure he knows these important commands. It will also be helpful if your four-legged pal knows the command to Fetch before you start this training.

Part One

Get a few of your canine buddy’s favorite treats. Use small snacks, like bits of hot dogs, or chunks of doggy biscuits. Sit down on the floor, with Fido’s toy basket before you. Next, pick up one of your pup’s favorite toys, and throw it across the room. Chances are, your pooch will run after it and bring it back to you.

Part Two

Hold the treat out, so that it’s over the basket. Ideally, Fido will drop the toy into the basket, and go for the treat. If he does this, let him have his snack. If he drops the toy before he gets to you, hide the treat, and tell your pooch to fetch his toy. You may need to repeat this a few times, but sooner or later, your furry buddy will run up to you with the toy in his mouth. Hold the treat up, so that he has to drop it into the box to get his snack, then reward him.

Part Three

Once Fido gets the idea, start to slowly push the toybox away from you, and keep repeating the previous steps. With time and patience, your pup will be cleaning up after himself in no time!

Other Tricks

Some dogs love learning new tricks. You can teach your canine pal all sorts of cute and useful doggy tricks. The command to Drop It can be very helpful. You can also teach your furry friend to fetch specific items, like the remote control or your slippers.

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