Fido’s Doghouse

Did you know that July is officially Doghouse Repair Month? Of course, if your furry pal doesn’t already have a doghouse of his own, this is a great time to get him one. Read on as a local Minnetonka, MN vet discusses some things to consider when buying or maintaining doghouses.


Pay close attention to materials when shopping for your pup. Look for something that has great insulation properties, such as wood. Stay away from pressure-treated wood, however, as it is toxic to dogs. Plastic doghouses may be cheapest, but keep in mind that plastic isn’t a very good insulator.


When it comes to doghouses, bigger isn’t always better. If Fido’s doghouse is too big, it may seem more like a cave than a cozy little den. Be sure to look at size guidelines.


Ideally, Fido’s doghouse should be portable, so you can put it in the coolest spot for summer, and the warmest one for winter. The doghouse should also be raised up off the ground a bit, so that water can run underneath it.


While putting bedding in Fido’s doghouse may seem like a great idea, in actuality, this is a great way to attract vermin. Use mats instead, and wash them regularly.


When you set your doghouse up, try to place it so that the door faces away from prevailing winds. In winter, you can hang thick strips of plastic to keep the wind out.


Take time to inspect Fido’s doghouse regularly. Look for any screws, nails, or splinters that are sticking out. Address these immediately, as they could cause your canine companion some serious injuries. You’ll also want to check for—and repair—any spots that are worn or chewed.


While it’s best to feed Fido inside, make sure he always has fresh water outdoors. Stainless steel is a good choice for outdoor doggy dishes. (Tip: putting a doggy dish into a plant urn makes an attractive and functional setup.)


There’s no reason you can’t have some fun with decorating your pet’s house. Make Fido a custom sign, or add a little deck or porch for him. Giving your canine buddy a pool or outdoor sandbox will also get that tail wagging!

Please contact us, your Minnetonka, MN animal clinic, with any questions or concerns about your dog’s health or care. We are happy to help!

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