DIY Bird Toys

Do you have a bird for a pet? Polly can be both fun and fascinating to watch, and she will definitely keep you smiling with her charming sounds and playful antics. One thing that is very important to your winged friend’s well-being is making sure she has plenty of fun toys. Read on for some great DIY bird toy ideas from a Minnetonka, MN vet.

Basket O’ Laughs

For this one, you’ll want a wicker basket. Pick one with a wide handle, so Polly can perch on it. Make sure there are no sharp edges sticking out. (You may want to wrap cloth around the handle.) Next, put a variety of smaller toys in it for your feathered buddy to investigate and play with. Some good options are plastic bottlecaps; golf balls; wooden objects, like thread spools; and poker chips.

Popsicle Sticks

Put some popsicle sticks in a tissue box. Or use non-toxic glue to bind them into shapes, like ladders or swings.

Spaghetti Fun

Fill a tissue box with uncooked spaghetti. Some birds can have an absolute blast just snapping the sticks!

Phone Book

Do you have an old phone book? Drill or punch holes in one corner, and hang it in Polly’s cage. Instant happy pet!

Rice Cakes

Hang a rice cake in Polly’s cage, using twine. Just be sure it only contains bird-safe ingredients.

Egg Carton Fun

Choose a carton that is made of compressed paper, not Styrofoam. One option is to simply fill the spaces with toys or treats. Or, cut two pockets out, fill one with snacks, like millet or trail mix, and attach the two sides together.

Shower Curtain Rings

Clip several plastic shower curtain rings together, or hang popsicle sticks, playing cards, or popcorn strings from them for Polly to play with.

Hanging Toys

Drill holes in the centers of plastic bottlecaps, and then use twine to string them together into a ‘garland’ for Polly. You can also add large beads, playing cards, popcorn, or paper cups.


Never give your feathered buddy anything with small pieces or sharp edges. You also want to avoid anything that could be toxic, as well as items with hanging rope or threads that could entangle your cute pet. Ask your vet for more information.

Please contact us, your Minnetonka, MN animal clinic, for your pet bird’s veterinary care needs. We provide excellent care!

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