3 Weird Doggy Behaviors Explained

Your dog is a loyal companion who is always at your side. Therefore, you’ve probably gotten to know your pooch pretty well. For instance, if your pup starts whining and fixing you with an intent look, you may realize right away that Fido is letting you know it’s time for a walk. However, not all of our canine pals’ behavior is so easy to figure out. In this article, a local Minnetonka, MN vet sheds some light on some of Fido’s more perplexing habits.

The Awkward Introduction

Fido certainly isn’t shy about meeting and greeting other dogs, though his method of introducing himself is quite a bit different from ours. Have you ever wondered just why your furry friend says hello to other dogs by sniffing their rears? Your canine buddy’s sense of smell has a lot to do with it. A dog’s anal gland emits scents that, to other pooches, offer quite a bit of information. Your four-legged companion can learn all sorts of things about his new pals this way, including their age, sex, health, and even what they ate.


Does your canine friend have a penchant for making holes in your yard? Have you ever wondered just why Fido finds digging up your flowerbeds so much fun? There could actually be several reasons for your furry pal’s landscaping habit. He may be hunting a small animal, trying to escape, burying (or retrieving) toys or treats, or just trying to amuse himself. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Eating Things That Aren’t Food

Have you ever wondered why your pet tends to think of your lawn as a snack bar, or why he deliberately eats shoes? Fido’s love of bacon makes perfect sense, but some of his other tastes are, well, a bit odd. There is a technical term for eating things that aren’t food: pica. Dogs may do this for a variety of reasons. Man’s Best Friend is quite curious, and sometimes tries to learn about things by eating them. Your pup could also be bored, lonely, expressing anxiety, or just killing time. Pica can be quite dangerous, so ask your vet for advice on breaking this bad habit.

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