Helping Your Shelter Dog Settle In

October is Adopt A Shelter Dog Month! If you are planning to adopt a shelter dog soon, you definitely have our blessings and support. We love seeing dogs get second chances! Being in a shelter can be stressful for Man’s Best Friend, so your pet may need time to adjust. In this article, a Minnetonka, MN vet offers some tips on helping Fido settle in.


We recommend getting a quiet back room ready for your furry pal before he arrives by setting out toys, treats, bedding, and food for Fido. This will give your canine companion a safe, cozy spot to relax and settle in. Don’t be surprised if your new dog sleeps a lot at first. Being in a shelter is very stressful for Man’s Best Friend, so your pup may need time to just relax and recuperate.


It may take time for you and Fido to get to know each other. You may find that your dog reacts unexpectedly to certain things. For instance, you may discover that your pet tries to chase every squirrel he sees, or isn’t used to traffic. Try to stick to quiet areas at first. We also recommend using a sturdy leash. Retractable are great in some situations, but can be dangerous if the mechanism sticks. Better safe than sorry!


Training is very important, for both safety and petiquette. If Fido doesn’t know basic obedience commands, like Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down, take him back to school.


If you know what Fido has been eating, get that same brand at first, and consult your vet before making any changes. If you do need to adjust your furry friend’s diet, do so gradually: sudden changes in menu can upset that furry tummy.

Veterinary Care

A trip to the vet is definitely in order. While most shelter dogs are spayed or neutered, and current on their vaccinations and parasite control, Fido will need a thorough exam. This is a great time to get some advice on your pet’s care needs!


Getting that furry tail going is a top priority! Don’t force attention on Fido, though. Just focus on offering great care. Toys, treats, walks, and playtime will help your pup feel safe and loved.

Do you have questions about your dog’s health or care? Contact us, your Minnetonka, MN pet hospital, today!

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