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Evett has loved the idea of working hands-on with animals ever since she was young—she and her family kept everything from dogs and rabbits to fish, birds, chinchillas, and reptiles! When the opportunity arose to join a compassionate, hard-working team of animal-care professionals, she didn’t hesitate. Now, Evett cares for the pets and animal owners of the area as a Veterinary Assistant.

Evett is a Minnesota native and currently studies veterinary technology at Argosy University. She plans on becoming a Licensed Veterinary Technician in the near future! She was happy to supplement her studies with real-world experience by joining the Golden Valley Animal Hospital family in January of 2017 as a Kennel Attendant—it wasn’t long before she learned even more and became a Veterinary Assistant.

When she isn’t studying or tending to pets’ needs here at the hospital, Evett enjoys hiking and backpacking, camping, hunting, fishing, snowboarding, and dabbling in drawing and photography. She and her partner, Trevor, share their lives with two pets: a dog, Millie, who loves to spend time outdoors; and a mischievous cat who goes by Miles.


Zack is a Minnesota native and holds a Bachelor’s degree in conservation biology from the University of Minnesota. He’s currently back at the university studying pre-veterinary medicine, and has been working and volunteering as a Veterinary Assistant ever since starting his studies. Ultimately, he plans on becoming a small-animal veterinarian!

Zack has been a member of the Golden Valley Animal Hospital family since December of 2016. Diagnostic work is one of his favorite parts of the job—he never tires of putting together the puzzle pieces in order to arrive at a concrete solution. Most of all, Zack enjoys interacting directly with the area’s pet parents on a daily basis.

At home, Zack and his family have two loveable dogs: Dakota, a black Lab, is Zack’s daily companion and especially loves causing trouble for the local pheasants; Izzie the miniature schnauzer/miniature poodle mix prefers to relax with Zack’s parents.

When time permits between his hectic school and work schedules, Zack loves playing and coaching ice hockey, going on skiing trips, playing chess, and traveling abroad. During his time as an undergraduate student at the University of Minnesota, he had the opportunity to travel to Thailand and study the feeding habits of wild tigers. Zack was even part of a small team that helped to tranquilize and collar two of the beautiful cats!