Our Care Team

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TanyaPractice Manager
Tanya’s family always kept plenty of pets around while she was growing up; she cared for everything from dogs and cats to hamsters
JulesLead Veterinary Technician
Jules thinks of her career not as a job, but as a calling—working with animals is truly her passion! She serves as one of Golden Valley…
StephanieLead Veterinary Technician
Although she didn’t have many pets growing up, Stephanie always knew she wanted to work with animals for a career…
PattyVeterinary Technician
Patty knew from a very young age that she wanted to work with animals—in fact, she never..
BridgetCertified Veterinary Technician
Bridget was 12 years old when she got her first puppy, Sophie. When Sophie was diagnosed with a liver shunt…
JessieCertified Veterinary Technician
Jessie has enjoyed the company of animals for as long as she can remember, and she always wanted to do…
StephenVeterinary Technician
When Stephen made the decision to go back to school, his fiancé was the first to encourage him…
CarlyVeterinary Assistant
Carly’s own pets have helped her through plenty of hard times—she wanted to be able to give back…
MikeVeterinary Assistant
For as long as he can remember, Mike has loved providing care to his own animals and talking with…
JoleeVeterinary Assistant
Jolee spent many of her childhood days helping her mother care for animals at the Humane Society;
HannahVeterinary Assistant
Hannah knows just how valuable pets truly are—her own Corgis, Murphy and Lacy, have been a constant…
BriannaClient Service Coordinator
As a little girl, Brianna would buy anatomy books and study the bones and organs of every animal listed;
EvettVeterinary Assistant
Evett has loved the idea of working hands-on with animals ever since she was young—she and her…
RachelClient Service Coordinator
Rachel grew up with a miniature Schnauzer named Josie, who developed several health troubles…