Our Practice

At Golden Valley Animal Hospital, our mission is to provide the highest quality health care for your cherished companion. Beyond this, we want to partner with you, providing education and support to empower you to be the best pet parent you can be. We believe that when it comes to keeping our animal friends happy and healthy, it takes a team. That’s why working together is so very important. When you choose us, you’ll get more than just a pet doctor. You’ll get a lifelong ally.

Our facility is spacious and modern, featuring all of the technology, tools and treatment options necessary for a lifetime of exceptional care. We strive to remain on top of all the latest advances in veterinary medicine because we want our patients to always receive the best care. That means offering a comprehensive suite of services designed to support all of your loved one’s needs. Whether it’s a routine vaccination, an advanced diagnostic test, an acupuncture session or life-saving critical care, we’ll be here to assist. Our patients include just about every type of household pet, from dogs and cats to pocket pets and birds. We even treat reptiles.

Perhaps what really sets us apart, however, is the way we approach the care we deliver. For us, it’s not about a job or a paycheck. It’s about the passion each member of our team has for helping animals. We genuinely love interacting with our patients and it shows, from snuggles and belly rubs to chin scratches and yummy treats. We’ve got a particular way with nervous pets, getting down on their level and taking as much time as necessary for them to get comfortable. Our goal is to make visiting with us a positive, stress-free experience.

At Golden Valley Animal Hospital, we’re here to improve the lives of companion animals, one appointment at a time. If you’re looking for a vet that will care about your pet’s health and wellbeing as much as you, you’ve come to the right place. We’d love the opportunity to serve you both for many years to come. Stop in for a tour any time, and bring your little pal along! We’ll be waiting with open arms.


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