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As a little girl, Brianna would buy anatomy books and study the bones and organs of every animal listed; she checked out all of the local library’s animal books multiple times! Working hands-on with animals is all she’s ever wanted to do, and serving as a Veterinary Assistant lets her care for animals and their owners every day.

Brianna grew up in Burnsville with her parents and two brothers. Before coming to Golden Valley Animal Hospital in the spring of 2014, she worked in various animal kennels to satisfy her love for pet care. Around the clinic, Brianna especially enjoys learning about and helping with optical problems; witnessing the drastic improvements that can happen in a short amount of time is fascinating for her.
At home, Brianna has four dogs: five-pound Murphy runs the house, Benny the St. Bernard, Goober the poodle mix and Rambo the Rottweiler mix, her latest addition.

In her free time, Brianna enjoys playing with her dogs, spending time with friends, and being outdoors.