Our Golden Valley location is now offering Laser Therapy, an FDA-cleared therapeutic treatment that manages pain and inflammation while accelerating tissue regeneration. Laser energy increases circulation, drawing water, oxygen, and nutrients to the damaged area. This creates an optimal healing environment that reduces inflammation, swelling, muscle spasm, stiffness and pain. We have added Laser Therapy to our practice because we want to provide an effective and safe treatment option for our patients to heal quickly, recover fully and reduce pain effectively.  If you think your pet may benefit from this treatment, please call our office or request an appointment

What Our Clients Say…

Oz is a 20 year old Maine Coon cat with 3rd stage kidney disease and arthritis.  When I learned that Golden Valley Animal Hospital was now offering laser treatments, I was very interested in learning more.  Many years ago I had a dog with degenerative arthritis in her spine and laser treatment was a very effective tool for managing pain.  Oz has had 6 laser treatments on his hips and kidneys and I have seen very positive changes. It is non-invasive and the actual treatment feels good (like being gently petted and the laser itself is warm).  Oz is not a good patient-he complains constantly-but the laser technicians know how to hold him and get the treatment done.

After about 3 treatments, I started to see improvement in his appetite, playfulness and mobility.  Oz loves to drink cool running water.  His balance has improved to the point where he can again stand on the side of the bathtub and stretch to drink out the faucet.  He brings me catnip mice to throw for him.  He’s always been a jumper and his vertical is back to about 3 feet.  His appetite is better and lets me know when it’s time to refresh his dish.   Laser treatments can’t cure kidney disease or arthritis but they can improve the quality of our pets lives and that’s a lot.

Bobbie & Oz

In 2015, I adopted my cat Skye. A few months prior to her adoption, she had undergone a surgery to remove the majority of her tail as a result of a previous medical problem. Since her adoption, she has had residual pain in her tail “nub”. We have tried a handful of medications to relieve her pain, none of which completely eliminated the problem. Skye is a member of our family and seeing her in pain for all of these years was difficult for all of us.

This past winter, Dr. Reimann recommended laser therapy to try to palliate some of Skye’s pain. After nine sessions, Skye is almost completely pain free. I have never seen her like this. She can rest comfortably without being bothered by the remnant of her tail. Her back used to twitch and she would squawk at her nub, this has all subsided since beginning laser therapy and I have Golden Valley Animal Hospital to thank for this. My daughter-in-law is a veterinarian and she cannot believe Skye’s improvement.

At first I was hesitant as Skye hates the vet and I knew she would have to make many trips to the clinic. They were so warm and welcoming every time we came in and made sure to make Skye’s time there as anxiety-free as possible.

Thank you Golden Valley Animal Hospital for giving Skye the pain-free life she deserves. I would highly recommend their laser therapy to any pet owner that has seen their fur baby endure chronic pain.

Linda B. and Skye

Back in May 2018, Buddy began acupuncture treatments as he was having difficulties walking, specifically in his hind quarters.  We began with aggressive treatments and now he is receiving them once a month.  The acupuncture treatments have been successful even though he still shows more issues with his right hind leg than his left leg.  Overall, I am pleased with the result.  The main objective is to keep him as long as possible from having to require wheels.

On March 6, 2019, Buddy began Laser Treatments in addition to the acupuncture.  Dr. Leslie Goldblatt thought that he would be a good candidate for this new treatment being offered at your hospital.  Buddy received a laser treatment once a week for six weeks.  It appears to me and your staff that this additional treatment is having some positive results.  Buddy still appears to be what I call “tippy toeing” and a “swing” with his right hind leg, but his left hind leg appears to have had better results.  His left leg no longer swings as much as it had in the past.  Prior to receiving the Laser Treatments I would notice about a week before his next acupuncture treatment that his walking was a bit more difficult on tile/wood flooring and that was he was definitely due for another treatment.  A month after receiving his last Laser Treatment, I am not seeing any difficulties with him walking on my kitchen tile nor wood flooring.

In 2016 Buddy had an x-ray taken at his prior veterinary hospital and it was determined that his hips/knees were almost bone on bone.  He was given a prescription of Novox, an anti-inflammatory drug to ease his pain.  With him now receiving acupuncture treatments, he no longer needs this medication!

Thank you Dr. Leslie Goldblatt for the excellent care you have and are providing Buddy.  From administering the acupuncture, to making positive suggestions such as when he was having stomach issues last fall and for taking the time to answer all of my questions/concerns.  Also for suggesting the Laser Treatments.  As long as we all continue to see progress or the very least stabilization with his walking abilities I am willing to continue doing both of these procedures.

Two weeks ago Buddy decided to go for a “longer” walk than he has wanted to in quite a while.  Granted, the snow is gone, the weather is nicer but I was pleasantly surprised he went as far as he did with no resting on the way home.  Fingers crossed that this will be our new norm again.

Buddy and I also want to say Thank You to the great staff you have at your Golden Valley and Greenbrier Hospitals!  I don’t always remember their names but I do remember how nice they all are when we have an appointment!


Margo and Buddy
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