How do you pick the food your pet eats?

Choosing a food for your pet is about much more than just what tastes good. It’s about getting the right combination of ingredients to promote better overall health. For some pets, it’s about finding a balance that will keep weight down or manage certain medical conditions. This may sound complicated, but with the right team in your corner, it doesn’t have to be. Golden Valley Animal Hospital offers professional nutritional counseling as well as weight management services to keep your companion healthy and fit.

Dietary Recommendation

We’ll start by evaluating your pet to determine his or her unique nutritional needs. A thorough physical exam will be conducted, along with analysis of your pet’s species, breed, age, weight and health status. This information will help us to understand what type of food would be the best fit. We may recommend switching to a prescription diet food if we believe that your pet would benefit from these advanced formulas.

Weight Control Advice

Is your pet looking a little pudgy lately? To the contrary, maybe he or she could better be described as scrawny. For companion animals, even a few pounds off in either direction can have a serious impact on overall health. Part of our individual analysis will include determining what weight would be the ideal target for your loved one. Then, we will work on developing a plan to help your pet lose or gain the appropriate amount of weight to achieve that goal.

Ongoing Maintenance

Just as with humans, our pets change as they age. To accommodate these ongoing changes, it’s important that we stay on top of their nutrition and weight management needs. To that end, we’ll revisit our approach at various life stages, such as the transition from adolescence into adulthood and again entering the senior years. Any modifications to diet and exercise level can be implemented, allowing your pet to continue to achieve optimum health over time.

Could you use a hand managing your pet’s nutrition and weight? Contact us today! We’ll provide the guidance you need to help your loved one flourish.

What Our Clients Say…

I have been a client of GVAH for 12 years and think of EVERYONE there as Friends. They took wonderful care of my Rupert until he passed away last summer at the age of 12+. They now are responsible to care for my Chaz, presently an 18- month old (who is a handful). I wouldn’t even consider a different place to care for my pet…

We brought our cat in twice due to an unexplained limp. The Vet and staff did a thorough exam and took x-rays on the second visit to determine the cause. The staff always follow up the next day via telephone to see how your pet is doing.

Mickie Weaver, Verified Google Review
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